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Can parenting be easier?

Can parenting be easier?

Instinctive parenting is the part that is born in us at the time of our first child’s birth, which is motherhood and fatherhood. Once you are a father or a mother, you are able to raise your child if you listen to your common sense.

But the distorted instinct – in our time – seems to be the basis! We must return to our instinct, listen to its inner voice, train and teach ourselves how to raise by it.

Fitrah فطرة (instinct) contains the meaning of beginning – as in the lexicon Lisan al-Arab -, such as the breakfast which we start the day by, or the meal (Iftar) with which we break our fast. Our “fitrah فطرة” is the first thing that “Allah الله” God created for us.

There is a common factor among most of the self-defense spots: an understanding of the physical movement of the body’s organs and working against it to beat the opponent; If the elbow has a movement in a fixed direction, we move it in the opposite direction. 

However, in parenting, we must do the exact opposite, and this is the easiest for us and our children. To correct their behavior in a way that they themselves – perhaps – feel it is for their favor. Love, compassion and empathy are innate qualities that exist within us, it can correct our children’s behavior as well, and change us for the better. Therefore, when we return to our instinct, we see that self-education is the first step in raising a child; Our children are a mirror to us.

The recipe for magic parenting that averts us a lot of suffering while dealing with our children in their different stages of life is to educate and discipline ourselves. The way you see yourself and accept it as the basis for your acceptance of your child. Your unconditional love for yourself is your gateway to unconditional love for your children. Not comparing yourself to others is the only way to stop comparing your children to others.

We will explain this in some detail in future times through the series of #Instinctive_Parenting prepared by Prof. Shimaa Ewais (a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Early Childhood Education – Cairo University, holder of a diploma in Learning and Art therapy in Waldorf Philosophy) to present a summary of the principles of experimental science in raising children. You will discover that despite the simplicity and obviousness of the meanings, it is extremely important to maintain the integrity of our children’s souls in the current time.

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